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Philosophy & Approach

“The greatest gift you can give to another, is not just share your riches,

............ but to reveal to them their own.”         

Benjamin Disraeli

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Organisations are essentially human communities, a fact that can easily be forgotten. This is why bringing back humanity and compassion into relationships and helping individuals/groups and organisations find their own “riches” is at the heart of all we do. 


We always work collaboratively with a client, co-creating programmes that are embedded in the values of their organisation as a whole.  This is true whether we are working one-to-one as an executive coach, running a leadership programme for 20, overseeing a discussion forum for 150 or supporting a whole organisation through a time of change.

“Milly Sinclair Associates have sought to understand our culture and values and embed it in all the work they have done for us. Their flexible, whole-organisation approach and constant feedback has been tremendously valuable, and I would highly recommend them to other organisations.” 

Liz Grolimund, HR Director– Oxford University Press



Our interventions are solution-focused as we seek out innovative ways to resolve problems that previously seemed stuck. To achieve this, we have developed a creative and systemic approach to organisational development, which supports the health of the whole organisation.

Our approach is creative because: 

  • Our theatre and performance backgrounds enable us to design inspiring programmes that release people’s innate ability to change and develop.

  •  We often work with actors to bring organisational situations to life

  •  Our programmes are imaginatively tailored to allow delegates to envision their future, overcome obstacles, develop relationships and absorb knowledge.


Our approach is systemic because it:

  • Embraces and includes the individual or team perspective but always in relation to the wider organisation, so that both are resourced and strengthened.

  • Creates clarity within the individual/team of the organisation around them and where each fits within that system.

  •  Highlights blocks and entanglements within all levels of the organisation, and helps find practical ways to move forward.

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