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Meet the team

We work with a diverse and international network of associates.  Whether coaches, facilitators or actors, each of them brings wisdom, warmth and creativity to their work, supporting us to say 'yes' to a wide range of projects.

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Milly Sinclair

Milly Sinclair

She is passionate about equipping leaders to discover their purpose, find their voice, and become the change agents they want to be in the world.

She has run hundreds of leadership and coaching programmes throughout the world; for example, Mitsubishi, Lloyds Insurance, Amnesty International, Oxfam, NHS, Unicredit Bank and Virgin Atlantic.  She has been working with Oxford University scientists and physicians for over 15 years.

She believes that people need the courage to step into their leadership, for their own flourishing, and the flourishing of all those that come after them.

Milly Sinclair has been working as a facilitator, inspirational speaker, executive coach and change agent for over 25 years, particularly around areas of leadership, organisational transformation and culture change.  She is Director of Milly Sinclair Associates and enjoys nothing more than collaborating with all the brilliant practitioners and associates below.


Ben Yeger

Ben Yeger

Ben Yeger is the Founder and Co-Director of Moving Conflicts with Milly Sinclair:


He has 25 years experience of leadership facilitation, training and systemic coaching.  He designs innovative and collaborative interventions, which transform challenges and difficulties into opportunities for change. 

Milly Sinclair Assoicates will bring in Ben to work with clients that are having to face thorny conflict situations.  He brings wisdom, experience  and groundedness to challenging circumstances. 


Together with Moving Conflicts Co-Director, Milly Sinclair, Ben has developed Systemic Conflict Transformation trainings and interventions that are attended by a wide range of professionals across the world.

Amaragita Pearse

Amaragita Pearse

Amaragita has been an Associate of Milly Sinclair Associates since 2016, co-developing a programme called ‘Routes to Resilience’ with Milly Sinclair and Annie Davy.   She also ran a programme with us exploring race and racism for those with Sickle Cell Disorder.  

She is a trainer and facilitator and teaches coaching and communication skills, and intergenerational retreats and meditation courses.  She currently is the Chair of Buddhafield a charity committed to land based Buddhist practices and ecological renewal, and lives in the UK. She has been in love with meditation for the last 33 years. 

Naomi Wilkinson is a systemic coach, facilitator, trainer and public speaker.   She is working with Milly Sinclair Associates on their leadership programmes, and brings humour, wisdom and insight in her facilitation. 

Her coaching has helped TEDx speakers, business leaders, educators and creatives achieve their goals and experience fulfilment. Her coaching work has been featured on BBC radio, she has lead and spoken at women’s empowerment events including One Billion Rising and as part of The Silver Spoons Collective.

Naomi Wilkinson

Naomi Wilkinson

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Hillary Thomson

Hilary Thomson

Hilary is one of the most creative, dynamic people you will ever meet.  She has a theater practitioner and educator background, and set up the ‘Ministry of Imagination’ 10 years ago;

She has worked with Milly Sinclair Associates for over 15 years.


When we are asked to tailor-make an intervention that we don’t yet know how to do, we bring  Hilary in to inspire us.  From storytelling workshops, presentation skills, well-being and resilience, forum theatre and script writing - she has done the lot.

Madhav has many years of experience of working in the corporate sector having worked as a project/programme manager in the IT industry for a leading financial services company. He has over 8 years of experience working as a role-player, facilitator and trainer and has completed a facilitation and role-play training course from Institute of Leadership & Management.

MADHAV Vasantha

Madhav Vasantha

He has worked on a range of courses covering subjects such as management development, leadership, presentation skills , appraisal training, influencing and persuading, diversity & inclusion, unconscious bias and negotiation skills.

He has worked with Milly Sinclair Associates as a Facilitator/ Actor on many interesting projects, including leadership programmes.

Isobel McConnan

Isobel McConnan

As an experienced coach and ‘thinking partner’ Isobel’s aspiration is to support individuals and groups in their work to create a kinder, more equitable and sustainable world. Her clients include leaders and practitioners in the public sector (eg NHS) and ‘purpose-led’ organisations working for change.  

Milly Sinclair Associates will bring Isobel to work with leaders to support them to navigate tricky times with curiosity, courage and self-compassion.

Liz brings over 35 years’ experience of accompanying individuals, teams and organisations as an executive and leadership team coach, as well as an OD practitioner and leadership developer.


She offers a depth and breadth of experience from across different sectors, cultures and contexts, including NHS/public and Third Sector, housing associations, universities, international NGOs/foundations and social movements- in the UK/Europe and Africa and Asia.

Liz Goold

Liz Goold

Milly Sinclair Associates works with Liz when they need a wise and experienced coach to work with a senior individual or team going through a challenging time.


Lotus Finch

Lotus is the technical whizz behind many of Milly Sinclair Associate's on-line programmes.  An excellent facilitator in her own right, she brings calm and ease to sometimes very complex technical challenges.  


All our associates and group members feel relieved and held when she’s there supporting with great efficiency and warmth in the background.

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