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Creative Interventions

Creativity is at the heart of all the work we do.    We have been operating as a consultancy for over 25 years and have over 30 Associates, so when we are asked to do something a little out of the ordinary, we are able to say ‘yes’, by bringing together an extraordinary and diverse team of creatives. 

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" The word ‘creative’ does not adequately cover just how their offering is different from the norm. They deliver something powerful and very  provocative in their interventions.”  


Chris Goscomb, Head of People and Organisational Development –EasyJet

Fern Leaves

Forum Theatre & working with actors

We often use actors and ‘forum theatre’ to bring real situations to life and be ‘directed’ by the audience or delegates.

Forum theatre is an interactive theatre-form devised in the early 1970s by Augusto Boal. An audience is shown a short play in which the characters explore an issue or conflict. There is an opportunity for the audience to stop the play, ask questions and brief each actor about changes to their character’s behaviour. We then restart the play, incorporating the audience’s suggestions. This allows the group to view the impact of different behaviours on individuals and also generates powerful conversation.

Areas where we have used Forum Theatre

  • Assertion and Conflict Transformation

  • ED&I

  • Leadership styles

  • Coaching skills 

  • Negotiation and Influencing

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A few examples of our creative projects

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Presentation skills and storytelling

How do you tell a compelling story as the leader of a team or organisation?


How do you present in an authentic way that have a profound impact to all those that listen to  you?

We have worked with professional actors to equip leaders to communicate in ways to have the most impact.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Radical inclusion is very important to us, and to support organisations to become inclusive cultures is a core value.


We have worked with:

  • Christ Church College at Oxford University to do a consultation and write a report on Race and Racism

  • Working with The Oxford Blood Group to run a 5 month programme on Race and Racism for people with Sickle Cell Disorder

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Some of our creative team

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