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Peer Coaching

Many leaders benefit from an on-going, cross division peer group coaching to support culture change.   We facilitate leadership peer groups from different departments of maximum 6 for a minimum of 6 x sessions  of 4-8 hours over 9 months, based on an ‘Action Learning' process.


It will be a confidential, closed group, where they can discuss live challenges they are facing and move to action.   


  • Encourage cross-divisional community 

  • Encourage peer support and learning

  • Provide space for reflection and personal and collective ambition

  • Learn to solve today’s problems, and gain insight on how to tackle tomorrows.

  • Develop listening and questioning skills.

  • Learn to encourage others to come up with their own solutions to their own problems.

  • Learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.

  • Develop consultancy skills, analytical questioning and problem solving.

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