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Milly Sinclair Associates

Training   /   Facilitation   /   Coaching

Enabling Individuals Organisations
to Flourish & Grow

How do individuals and organisations flourish and grow?

  • Through cultivating deep roots embedded in purpose and values.

  • By developing a clear vision of what they want to 'grow into'.

  • Through tending to the health of the whole system, as well as each person within it.

  • By nurturing strong and meaningful relationships.

  • Through developing resilience to weather different seasons.

“This has been the most powerful piece of development I've seen and has had a huge impact on the way we move forward as a business with our people."
                                                                                    Diana Hunter - CEO, Conviviality Plc

Our Programmes

All our programmes have been honed over 25 years of experience in training consultancy and coaching.  We work closely with our clients to make sure what we offer is perfectly tailored to their organisational needs.

"I have known Milly since 2018 and worked with her on the WE ACE program since 2020. Attempting to describe Milly's work is like attempting to encapsulate the effect of your most loved school teacher on you (most of us have that school teacher); whatever you say can never capture the impact these people have on your life as it goes beyond the skills and knowledge and touches your core in a way that is perpetually present as you venture forwards professionally and personally."

Dr Mira Kassouf -  Programme co-ordinator for Innovation Forum Oxford

Mira Kassouf
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About us

We have been running transformational leadership and coaching programmes for over 25 years.  In all we do – from running a conference for 250 participants, to working one-to-one with leaders – we are passionate about supporting the flourishing and growth of all those we work with. 


 We believe the most inspirational, fulfilled leaders are those connected to their purpose and core values and those who are in service to something bigger than themselves. All our work supports this.


 We collaborate with creatives, actors, technical experts and therapists to bring our programmes to life, combining powerful experiences with up-to-date leadership and organisational theory.




Each of our associates brings wisdom, warmth and creativity to their work, supporting us to say ‘yes’ to a wide range of projects.


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